ONNIK Ply offers a range of plywood that meets the most stringent requirements and is tuned to the highest possible customer satisfaction. Whether it is for beautiful interiors or for heavy constructions, ONNIK Ply offers the craftsman, the designer, the architect or the domestic end-user the very best in man-made woods.

ONNIK MR grade plywood is made of fine quality selected timber core, as well as Hardware face veneers is used along with high quality MF Synthetic Resin for gluing all the layers, ensuring perfect bonding and long durability. It is dimensionally firm and durable for long-term service. Bonded with high quality resins it is pressed under heat, pressure and controlled conditions to obtain superior plywood.

ONNIK Moisture Resistant (MR) grade is used largely for indoors like office and computer furniture, wall paneling, partitions etc.,


Moisture content
Specific gravity
Above 0.5
0.7 to 0.75
Swelling in water
Less than 1%
Glue adhesion test
MR 3 cycle imrsn test
(cyclic test)
BWR 3 cycle boil test
Mycological test
MR grade
Ind. Min                       800 N
Min. avg.                     1000N

910 N
1090 N
MOE (Grade wise)
Along the grain
Across the grain
MR                           BWR
Min. avg. 4000          5000
Min. avg. 2000          2500
MR          BWR        
4800         6300 N/mm2
2300         3000 N/mm2
Along the grain
Across the grain
Min. avg. 30                 40
Min. avg. 15                 20-
38              53 N/mm2
23              30 N/mm2



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